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Advantages & Disadvantages of Caster

Advantages of Chair Casters

Chair caster wheel aid in the mobility of furniture for rapid and easy carriage of goods and person

It makes it heavy load carrying a trifling matter

It aids in making shopping for heavy or lot of objects effortless, especially in vastly spread malls or shopping complex.

It aids in rapid work in the industries

It aids easy mobility of furniture without lifting them

It helps rapid mobility of sick or unconscious patients in the hospitals and clinics.

Disadvantages of Chair Casters

They can be hard to move if their rolling resistance is high. In such a case, it is even harder to turn the furniture.

They can scratch the floor and make marks on them if the wheels of the caster are not smooth.

They can be noisy if they create a lot of friction.

They can break if they are not sturdy and have low load bearing capacity especially when loaded with heavy weights.

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Types of Casters

Heavy Duty Caster India Heavy Duty Caster
Medium Duty Caster Manufacturer Medium Duty Caster
Light Duty Caster Supplier Light Duty Caster
Industrial Caster Exporter Industrial Caster
Hospital Caster Exporter,India Hospital Caster
Manufacturer Institutional Caster Institutional Caster
Supplier Special Caster Special Caster


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