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We are the leading caster wheel exporter of India. Our wide range of products such as Heavy Duty Caster, Medium Duty Caster, Light Duty Caster, Industrial Caster, Hospital Caster, Institutional Caster and Special Castor are widely demanded by numerous nations across the world such as Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, North Korea, Oman and Qatar etc.

Our products are preferred in the global market chiefly because they comply with the international standards in their design as well as fabrication.  Their designs are done by very experienced professionals to enhance their functionality as well as user-friendliness. They are very robust, durable and affordable too. They are apt for wide applications in the industries, in the house-hold furniture as well as commercial places.

Countries like U.A.E, South Africa, Nigeria, Indonesia and Bahrain frequently import our products for their vital applications.

caster wheels manufacturer in pune Caster Wheels Exporter in India

Types of Casters

Heavy Duty Caster India Heavy Duty Caster
Medium Duty Caster Manufacturer Medium Duty Caster
Light Duty Caster Supplier Light Duty Caster
Industrial Caster Exporter Industrial Caster
Hospital Caster Exporter,India Hospital Caster
Manufacturer Institutional Caster Institutional Caster
Supplier Special Caster Special Caster


caster wheels India Casters Price
Casters Manufacturers Casters Manufacturers
Casters Supplier in India Casters Supplier
Casters in Gujarat Casters in India
Casters in Ahmedabad Casters in Ahmedabad
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