Institutional Caster Wheels

Institutional Caster Manufacturers in Sidhi

These are specifically made for institutional furniture. They are available in Swivel & Swivel with break alternatives. The wheels are made up of materials such as un-breakable nylon, Rubber, Fibre etc. they are accessible in fitting options of Plate & Threaded Pillar. They have the load bearing capacity of up to 150 Kg.

They are very appropriate for making the furniture for hotels, offices and also very useful for making light weighted furniture.

Institutional Caster Wheels Supplier in Sidhi

The design of our Institutional Caster Wheel promotes easy and smooth movement in all the directions. This is because they have very low rolling resistance. They have excellent load bearing capability. We manufacture them utilizing high grade materials together with the latest technology accessible. We make sure that they comply with the industrial standards hence they are corrosion resistant, very strong, have high impact resistance along with good life span. We are the leading Caster Wheel Exporter and export them to the different nations.

Features of Institutional Caster

  • Very strong
  • High impact resistance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Good life span
  • Easy & smooth movement in all the directions
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Excellent load bearing capability
  • Effortless installment & maintenance