Casters Manufacturer

PU Coated Wheel

We are manufacturer and supplier of PU Coated wheels in india. That meet your needs. We provide PU Coated wheels because they have outstanding features and advantages that set them apart from the competition for companies looking for superior performance in a variety of applications. We are proud to offer our PU Coated Wheels as the highest caliber polyurethane product.

Our PU Coated Wheels are made to provide exceptional traction in difficult circumstances. Vibrations are absorbed by the polyurethane covering, allowing for silent and smooth operation. This feature creates a more comfortable and productive work environment, which is especially useful in settings where noise reduction is crucial. Our PU Coated Wheels are designed to last a lifetime. The outstanding wear resistance of the polyurethane coating guarantees a longer service life and lower replacement frequency. We are aware that each company is different.

Features of PU Coated Wheel

  • Superior Traction
  • Quiet and Smooth Operation
  • Exceptional Wear Resistance
  • Non-Marking and Floor Protection
  • Heat and Cold Resistance
  • Load Capacity Options
  • Precision Engineering